Vacation Bible School

Our VBS accepts children from ages four through 5th grade. So, there are preschool and elementary departments. We divide all children into groups with mix-age and assign one youth to lead the group traveling from one station to station. There are five stations in preschool, seven stations in elementary. These stations include song, game, Bible story, snack, movie, and craft, etc. Each station runs 20 minutes of class time and five minutes of traveling time. This way of teaching not only helps children pay attention, but also helps youth manage children’s behavior well, so that the lessons will be taught effectively. Each day, children will learn a Bible point, Bible verse and Bible story. This is the main focus of the whole VBS is to learn about God’s love and His salvation. The youths taught the younger children as the "older brothers and older sisters" and made the learning experience fun and lively. They happily played together as if in a big family!

Vacation Bible School at CCCNJ started in 1996. For the past 20 years, this ministry has reached out to many parents, youth and children from our own church as well as other neighboring Chinese churches. God has blessed us with many youth who had set their time apart in the summer to be involved in this event. Most of the youth grew up with VBS when they were a child. And when they have become teenagers even went on to college, they came back to teach the young children about God’s love. This event is not only evangelize to children, but also equip youth to do God’s works in mission fields. It’s so wonderful to see God’s way of expanding His kingdom. The 48 youth volunteers also considered the week they spent teaching and serving children in VBS the most memorable and meaningful experience of the summer!

我們的暑期聖經班接受四歲到五年級的孩子, 所以分成幼兒部和小學部。我們將孩子分組,每組有不同年紀的孩子, 然後指定一位青少年帶這些孩子到不同的站上課。 幼兒部有五個站,小學部有七個站,這些站包括詩歌、遊戲 、聖經故事、點心 、影片及手工等活動。每個站的上課時間是二十分鐘,其中有五分鐘的走動時間。這種教學方式不僅幫助孩子專心,也幫助青少年管理孩子的行為,如此課堂才能順利進行,每天孩子會學一個聖經要點、聖經經節 、聖經故事。 這是整個暑期聖經班的重心,就是明白上帝的大愛和救恩。大哥哥和大姐姐們以寓教於樂的方式讓小弟弟和小妹妹們快樂地學習,大家親切地玩在一起如同一家人。

主恩堂的暑期聖經班開始於1996年, 過去20年, 這個事工已接觸到許多家長,青少年和孩童, 不僅是主恩堂,還有附近的華人教會。上帝賞賜給我們許多青少年能夠在暑假撥時間出來參與這個活動, 大部分的青少年從小學就參加暑期聖經班,等到他們變成青少年, 甚至到大學,就回來教導孩子上帝的愛。這個活動不僅傳福音給孩子們,也同時裝備青少年做宣教的工作, 看到上帝用祂自己的方法拓展國度, 實在是感恩不盡。四十八位自願參與服事的青少年們,也以能帶領聖經班的小朋友學習是他們暑期生活中最有意義的事。